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PRADO Chargeable Nano Sprayer Hydrated Water Facial Beauty Device
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PRADO Chargeable Nano Sprayer Hydrated Water Facial Beauty Device

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SKU: HB-DS-017
Weight: 260 grams
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  • Replenishment, moisturizing, as a charge treasure
  • Charging function, the bottom of the instrument with a mobile power function, the phone can charge anytime, anywhere
  • Using lithium battery, the capacity of 2600 mAh, durable, can be used when the charge treasure.
  • To solve the problem of skin water, fast replenishment, fine particles, fog volume to solve the skin 24 hours of water problems
  • Water tank capacity: 25ml
  • Applicable occasions: indoor and outdoor
  • Suitable for skin: dry, oily, mixed, sensitive skin
  • Nano atomization: 0.8 ml / min
  • Use time: full water sustainable spray about 30 minutes, full power can work 6 hours (no frequent charge)
  • Note: The use of high-precision atomization chip refined, do not use oily and high concentrations of make-up water, so as not
  • to plug the atomization chip.
  • Omni-directional nano-moisturizing, large capacity water tank, fog large, continuous water, penetrate the skin directly to the bottom of the skin.
  • It is recommended that you use mineral water to join, this can add trace minerals.
  • High frequency shock, resulting in a large number of ions of fine mist particles
  • Giving the skin moisturizing and resting, can fully soften the skin stratum corneum
  • Open the skin's natural barrier, is conducive to skin nutrition and skin care essence of the absorption
  • Net weight: 0.16kg
  • Product Dimension : 12*4.5*18cm
  • Local Supplier Warranty : 1 month for manufacturing defects only
  • What's in the box : 1 x Nano Spray , 1 x User Manual , 1 x Charging Cable , 1 x Pouch , 1 x Refill Bottle , 1 x Storage Box

Replenishment is very important, just by drinking only from the "inside" to add water, the skin from the "outside" direct replenishment is also a good way to ease the dry.
The natural rich in the beauty of the mineral water directly into the replenishment device, fog into a more fine particles and then spray on the face, the absorption of faster, this method is more and more favored by many women. After the atomization of the nano-water, the mineral water in the partial silicic acid is fully absorbed, thereby increasing the skin elasticity, stretch the face of small wrinkles, this beauty method in Japanese women, especially white-collar beauty is very popular.