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      PRADO Interactive Toy UFO Space Monster Shooter Battle Board Game
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      PRADO Interactive Toy UFO Space Monster Shooter Battle Board Game

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      SKU: TOY-07011B
      Weight: 2 kg, 50 grams
      Stock: Stock available

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      • Features a blue team of colorful crazy aliens and a red team of equally crazy and colorful aliens
      • Top loading blaster with colorful balls
      • Put the aliens all on your own side or mix and match to make it more interesting
      • Build eye hand coordination and competitive play
      • For 2 players
      • RECOMMENDED AGE: 4 Years and up
      • GREAT FOR: Boys and Girls
      • Safe to use and easy to setup game board
      • Net weight: 2.05kg
      • Product Dimension : 8*27*57cm
      • *Note: This basic model has no Light and Sound Effect
      • Local Supplier Warranty : 1 month for manufacturing defects only
      • What's in the box : 1 x Shooting Stage, 2 x Launchers, 1 x Sticker, 20 x Bullet Balls, 12 x Targets

      This is an exciting head to head battle play set that brings the exciting fantasy world of alien space battles to the comfort of your own home. Little Treasures and assembled a unique and fun game set that brings out the best of the sci-fi fantasy world with safe to use space shooters that allow kids to take aim at enemy aliens and blast them into oblivion. Children square off, one on the blue team, one on the red team, each equipped with alien defenders that must be shot down, using incoming orbs for ammunition children must take aim and fire at the aliens before they have lost all their forces. Description: The game board includes everything in one package with 6 blue alien targets and 6 red alien targets, 1 blue launcher and 1 red launcher. Children are loaded up with small red and blue plastic balls and then must fire at one another, racing to see who is the fastest at taking out enemy aliens. The race is on and the better and more accurate kids are the faster they will win out against their enemies. When the last alien is defeated on a players side they have lost and the game is over.

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