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      PRADO 1600W Power Juicer Wall Full Nutrition Fruit High Speed Blender
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      PRADO 1600W Power Juicer Wall Full Nutrition Fruit High Speed Blender

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      SKU: JUICER-04-RD
      Weight: 5 kg, 230 grams
      Stock: Out of stock

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      • High Speed Blender
      • 1600W Power
      • Multi-Usage, Kitchen Good Helper
      • High carbon brush series motor
      • Cell-wall breaking
      • Metal connect System, instead of plastic connect that wear quickly
      • A metal connect system is used to connect the container to the motor base-allowing better blends and longer lifespan
      • Hardened stainless steel blades, oversea original blade technology
      • Solid and sharp with stronger toughness and longer working life
      • Copper Integrated motor design
      • 100% Copper integrated motor is designed to make sure the blender can work with stability , low noise, long lifespan
      • Unique design can cool the motor fast
      • The variable speed control and pulse feature allow you to create fruit smoothies, hot soups, ice crusher, sauces, frozen
      • desserts with one machine
      • Net weight: 3.6kg
      • Product Dimension : 32*26.5*37cm
      • Local Supplier Warranty : 1 month for manufacturing defects only
      • What's in the box : 1 x 1600W Power Juicer , 1 x English User Manual
      • Note: 
        1. V shape spanner is not included. (Please ignore the V shape spanner in the hard copy manual)
        2. We do not encourage customer to unfasten the parts as it is not necessary and dangerous

      Food processor is a full nutrition broken wall to the call walls of fruits and vegetables, grain and legume food instantly break and fully release plant biochemical and enzyme of the whole nutrition conditioning machine.
      Its design principle based on the concept of complete food, all food and absorb, not ot lose any part of it. Fresh fruits and vegetables many precious nutrients are hidden in the epidermis, the stone of the fruit, vegetables stems have seeds inside, the masticatory function of human body can't chew completely put the fruit and vegetable fiber cell wall broken, full nutrition broken wall food processor can instantly break the rigid cell wall, the plant biochemial and enzymes released completely, and just reached the molecular size of fruits and vegetables, make human body cell easily digestion and absorotion.

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