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      MAXGear MGX88 Foldable Electric Folding Bike Bicycle Tri-Wheel Scooter
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      MAXGear MGX88 Foldable Electric Folding Bike Bicycle Tri-Wheel Scooter

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      SKU: MG-X88
      Weight: 14 kg, 610 grams
      Stock: Stock available

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      • Passed all Safety Test, Local Warranty & Quality Guaranteed
      • Easy Folding Portable Electric Bike
      • Digital Speed and Battery Display
      • With Absorber: Below The Seat
      • Bicycle Reflective Reflector (Red)
      • Body made by High Quality Strong Aluminium Alloy
      • Can withstand up to 120kg Weight Load
      • Full Electrical Transport for daily commute
      • Powerful and Stable Electric Motor
      • Easily drive uphill and downhill safely
      • Foldable easier to store and keep even in your car for travel
      • Rechargeable Battery: 18650 Lithium battery 36V 7.2AH
      • Safe, Fast Charging, Over Charging Protection
      • Dual brakes way braking system
      • Compact Design, Long Lasting Material, and Easy to use
      • Retractable Bike Bicycle for parking
      • Ranger per charge: 25km (after single full charge)
      • Max speeding: 20km/h
      • Product Weight: 11kg
      • Front wheel size 8 inches; Rear wheel size 6.22 inches
      • Unfold Size: 85 x 42 x 86CM; Fold Size: 34 x 42 x 88CM
      • 6 Months Local Warranty for manufacturing defects only
      • Warranty Type: Local supplier warranty
      • What is in the box: 1 x MAXGear X88 Foldable Scooter Bicycle , 1 x Charger Adapter, 1 x Screw tools set, 2 x Keys

      *Note: Please note that warranty only covers manufacturing defect, not fault caused by incorrect use or assembly. Please check the item received as soon as you receive it, if there is any issue please contact us immediately.
      *Warranty only cover manufacturing defects for Batteries, PCB Board, Power Adapter.
      *Warranty does not cover for physical damages internally and externally due to operational mishandling or crashes.

      MAXGear X88 Foldable Method Folding Bike Bicycle is one of the smallest and light weight upright personal transporter vehicles in the world. It can achieve a top speed of 20 Km/h. It is a recreational, practical and functional transportation vehicle that will guarantee hours of nonstop motion. Due to its light weight of only 11Kg and its stylish design of folding bike bicycle, you can easily transport and store it with convenience in a vehicle's trunk, boat, train, subway, bus or overhead bin on an airplane. It is powered by light weight lithium batteries and is therefore eco-friendly. The charging process is safe and stable due to the Over Charging Protection circuit design which will prevent the battery to be overheated and cause fire.


      When the power of scooter less than 15%,the red light will on. Please don't use the scooter,because low power maybe cause scooter loss babance. it maybe hurt you and short the battery life

      Range per full charge: 25km
      Max speeding: 20km/h
      Motor Power: 250W Brushless motor
      Max. Load: 120kg
      Charge time: 3.5h
      Product weight: 11kg
      Front wheel size: 8 inches
      Rear wheel size: 6.22 inches
      Battery: 18650 Lithium battery 36V 7.2AH
      Brake mode Drum brakes (Front wheel)
      Gradeability 10°

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