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      MAXGear SOS 6 In 1 Emergency Box Outdoor Survival Kits
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      MAXGear SOS 6 In 1 Emergency Box Outdoor Survival Kits

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      Weight: 210 grams
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      • Multifunction blade is micro-honed for precision slicing and cutting.
      • The blade is designed to fit field survival.
      • Cut saw is lightweight, strong, versatile.
      • It can allow you to cut from a variety of angles and in situations with little clearance.
      • Fire starter can help you make starting a fire easier, in any weather and at any altitude.
      • A favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers aroun the world.
      • And also a handy emergency signal as well, you can signal rescue crews with the starter's bright spark and
      • its built-in emergency whistle.
      • Survival whistle is an essential safety item for every camping, hiking or bike trip.
      • Small compass is a great tool for hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures, it can help you keep your bearings.
      • What is in the box: 1 x 6-In-1 SOS Emergency Box Outdoor Survival Kits

      Full of essential useful items All in a handy attractive sturdy iron tin
      For Survival and Outdoor Adventure, Keep in your Car for Emergencies, Put in Your Backpack when Hiking or Camping

      1 x SOS Metal Tin Box
      1 x Multi-fuctional pliers with LED flash light, knives, Screwdriver, scissors and key ring
      1 x Fire Starter
      1 x Wire Saw
      1 x Compass
      1 x Whistle
      1 x 11 Function Card Tool: Can opener, Side knife, Straight Screwdriver, Ruler

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