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      PRADO Creative DIY Clay 3D Baby Hand Footprint Kit wt Photo Frame Toys
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      PRADO Creative DIY Clay 3D Baby Hand Footprint Kit wt Photo Frame Toys

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      SKU: TKB-FOOT-001
      Weight: 950 grams
      Stock: Stock available

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      • Best for baby growth record, DIY Toy, easy to use
      • This super soft clay dough is a safe, non toxic and easy to use
      • Easy to dry, and it can help you record your babies growth process
      • Age: Newborn 6 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months
      • Amazing gift to baby's birthday for a keepsake and something nice to display and treasure forever
      • Beautiful, unique, and definitely memorable
      • A wonderful gift to your kid and your family
      • Product Dimension : 29cmx24cm
      • Net Weight : 0.95kg
      • Local Supplier Warranty: 3 months for manufacturing defects only
      • What’s in the box:1 x Baby Footprint Frame, 3 x Clay


      1. Take off the ink-pad, and rub it around 3 minutes.
        (If the ink-pad is sticky and mild, please store it in the refrigerator about 1 hour and then rub it several minutes till it is fit to use.
        Otherwise, if the ink-pad is too tough, to rub it in the warm surrounding above 25 degrees is welcomed. Keep in mind, the ink-pad can be easily used only when it is soft hard moderate.)
      2. Spread the ink-pad and make in to the proper thickness with a rolling pin.
      3. Use baby lotion to keep hands or feet moist in highly recommended.
      4. Put baby hands or feet onto the ink-pad, and press it with enough strength till you get the satisfactory depth you want, and stay 5 seconds. Then move away your baby.
      5. If you are not so much content with the results and want to make a new one, please try again with the above steps.
      6. Make sure your baby's hands or feet are washed after it is finished.
      7. Cut the ink-pad model with ruler into rectangle or the patterns you like.
      8.  After the finished model staying in the normal surroundings 48 hours, it will be kept permanently.


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