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      Easy Reach Windshield Wonder Microfiber Cloth

      Easy Reach Windshield Wonder Microfiber Cloth

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      Weight: 300 grams
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      A dirty windshield leaves a bad impression and can be dangerous when your on the roads. With the Easy Reach Windshield Wonder, though, you can easily clean your windshield where ever you are!

      Just slip the microfiber towel over the Windshield Wonder and let it do all the work! The Windshield Wonder has an ergonomic handle that full pivots so all you have to do is just slide it up and down over your windshield and you'll have clean, shiny glass in no time. Best of all, you don't even need expensive glass cleaning solutions! Just spray the microfiber towel with plain water and it's good to go!

      In fact, it's so simple and convenient, you don't have to limit the use of it in your car. Use it to polish tables and clean glass windows! 


      • Cleans and shines with plain water
      • No need for expensive glass cleaning solutions
      • Perfect for those difficult-to-reach areas
      • Detachable handle fits in glove compartment
      • Great for fog and moisture removal
      • Package includes:
      • 1 windshield wonder
      • 2 bonnets
      • 1 spray bottle

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